Who We Are

“We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.”
Completed Projects

Our planet needs us. Encouraging a doable and eco- friendly life is the core idea behind Rain Drips’ projects. We dole out our service in recharging wells and making rainwater reservoir, biogas plants, swimming pool, ferrocement cupboards, open fish tank, and cost-effective ferrocement house roofs. 

We try to keep an eye on everything possible from our part to safeguard the environment. Rain Drips has been triumphant in meeting the freshwater requirements of more than 2000 families ever since its initiation in 1998. 

We began our journey from simple rainwater collection units. Today, Rain Drips takes up individual as well as massive, environmentally sustainable construction projects. We collaborate with government agencies and NGOs to carry out our projects. Similarly, we never compromise on quality or customer experience. Rain Drips guarantees service maintenance to all our customers, at least for a term of 5 years since the launch of a plant of any type.