“Well, well-recharging is a Good Solution.”

“Well, well-recharging is a Good Solution.”

Just like rainwater harvesting, well recharging is another technique that aids water conservation. It is popular almost in every state now. Well- recharging is beneficial chiefly for the farmers who heavily depend on water for survival.

What is well recharging?

In well recharging a bore well or open well is recharged by the water that runs off from the rooftops, roads, and other areas. The water thus collected is sent underground to increase the water table.

Significance of Well Recharging in Kerala

Homesteads are a trademark of Kerala’s staggered settlement patterns. Open wells have been an important feature of these homesteads until recently. Homesteads along with open wells form a part of Kerala’s rich and unique heritage. It further influences our way of living and contours socio-cultural characteristics. We can harvest rainwater and then channel the harvested rainwater directly to the open well or recharge pits dug near an open well.

The amount of rain Kerala receives has become unpredictable. For one month, the state may receive heavy rainfall and in the next month, it may completely dry up. So, it is necessary to preserve water. In case of heavy rainfall, we can alleviate the impact of floods by shifting the gush of rainwater into the ground, and in case of drought, we can make use of this preserved water.

Well recharging and farmers

Even though Kerala receives average rainfall every year, it still faces drought-like conditions at a certain time of the year. Water bodies and wells dry up, and this condition leads to water scarcity, which especially affects farmers.

During the period of heavy rains, water collected from rooftops can be channelized to bore wells or open wells to ensure water storage underground. This water gets stored there for sometimes, and once the necessity of water arises, this water can be used for irrigation.

Benefits of well Recharging

* Recharged wells help in raising the groundwater levels.

* As the water collected in wells is natural and pure, it is useful for any purpose.

*Recharged wells are permanent solutions for the issue of water scarcity.

* This technique is cheaper compared to other systems of water preservation.

* Above all, recharged wells are one of the important sources of living for the next generation.

When thinking of an ecological method for water conservation, well-recharging and rainwater harvesting are the most cost-effective and innovative methods.


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