Are You Eco-friendly?

Are You Eco-friendly?

Everything, from deforestation to unsustainable development is a grave reason for man-made disasters. Thinking and acting eco-friendly begins by answering the following questions. Where are we pushing our environment? Is the ecology dying or are we killing it?

Flood-hit and Drought-hit Kerala

Before 2018, the caption that would come to people’s minds when they hear about Kerala was ‘Gods Own Country’. However, that phrase has been replaced with new ones, flood-hit and drought-hit Kerala. We witnessed the most devastating flood and landslides for two consecutive years, 2018 and 2019. These were not random phenomena; instead, they were the results of what we humans were doing towards nature from time immemorial. Many experts believe that the disasters were man-made ones, concerning the fatality of causalities.  

Soon after the flood, the wrath of nature came in the form of drought. The same land that flooded overnight had to face a drought all of a sudden. This is a big lesson that nature is trying to teach us.

The Big Lesson

Many environmentalists purport that the main reason for nature’s devastating form is unsustainable development and people’s negligent attitude.  Development is something that we cannot ignore, but it is high time Kerala goes for a sustainable model of development. Uncontrolled development at the expense of the environment will severely aggravate the impacts of environmental exploitation.

The Western Ghats and Kerala

Our concerns must begin with conserving the heritage sites of the state. Excessive exploitation of Western Ghats was identified as a trigger for both flood and drought in Kerala.

The Western Ghats is an ecologically sensitive area. This eco-sensitive area must be treated with care but that doesn’t happen. The researchers of the Indian Institute on Science reported that deforestation with degradation caused enormous emanation of anthropogenic carbons resulted in variation of climate patterns. This, in turn, affected rainfall patterns too.  The Western Ghats has become the victim of wide-scale climate change. So, the primary focus must be on reconstructing the Western Ghats by stopping unnecessary construction and mining in this area.


* Afforestation is the keyword for environmental protection.

* Preservation of ecologically sensitive zones like the Western Ghats. Damages done to the Western Ghats are believed to have intensified the flood in Kerala.

* Opt for sustainable development and renewable source of energy.

* Preserve all the water bodies and enhance their serenity.

* Stop widespread quarrying.


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